Since 1965 Original "Hawthorne" Vintage Rear Engine "Dream" Kart. Watch these listings, it will be hear Soon. Sorry for the delay. This is Not a picture of the Dream Kart. Pic's Soon. Hawthorne Competition Karts Co. "WORLD WIDE" SALES AND SHIPPING!
Vintage Go Kart. Appears to be a McCulloch F1 Race Kart w/Rupp Turbine wheels. Has "West Bend" 580. CALL TODAY!!! 503-663-1366
Three Little Orphan Annie books. In the Circus, Bucking the Wild, and Shipwrecked. Titles are from 1927, 1929 and 1931. They are gently used. Annie's hair appears to have be colored in by crayon in several pictures, aside from that they are in very good shape. Asking $50/each. Will consider a deal for all 3.
Vintage MICHELIN TIRES light up sign. In good shape. Has a few cracks in plastic but displays very well. Sign is double sided. Measures 36" x 12" deep.
Antique red cedar chest passed down to me. No room. Some damage due to wear and tear. Used for many years by myself just moved and no room in the new place. Great fpr a hope chest for your child to store some things for them in the future. Great at the end of a bed for linens or in the livingroom. There is a small strip of wood that was the handle but it broke a few years back in a move can be ...
I grew up with this so it's truly vintage. It is missing the handle that would have gone in the middle of it, hence the tiny hole.
I love these beautiful big old shells and someone has put little lucite feet on it and made it into a dish... smoke-free home. Cross-posted
In really good shape a neat old vintage makeup compacts still with the powder in it. Opens nicely. Smoke-free home. Cross-posted.
Just like it says a sweet vintage sword shaped letter opener not sure where it's from what is a little crest at one end of the sword handle. Smoke-free home. Cross-posted