Little Giant Water fall pump with 2 -20 hose and brass shut off valve. Works great, but I am moving and wont need it at the next place. Model F70-73007300 Gallons per hour6600 Watts115v60hzMakes a nice water fall sound.
Pullets available now up to 6 weeks old Rhode Island Red $10 eaPlease remember to bring a carrier of some kind to transport your chickens home in chick hen poultry egg homestead farm backyard
Novogen Brown Layers are healthy and robust birds and do very well in free range and pastured environments. They are hybrid crosses developed from Rhode Island Reds and White Leghorns. Production Novogen Brown Layers are top-notch producers of large to extra-large brown eggs. They are bred to be adaptable birds, thriving in a wide variety of conditions, whether kept in housing or on range. Novo...
Healthy, thriving family of 100s of individual aloe vera plants.Comes with planter pot pictured. Measures about 23 across and 11 tall.If you see this ad items still available. Due to scam, will only respond to emails specifying pickup availability.
The planter box is 6 ft X 10 X 10 tongue grooved with drain holes and feet on the bottom. $65.00 each. NO CHECKS To see other sizes click more ads by this user our address is 2104 N.E. cranbrook drive, Vancouver Wa 98664 our landline is


14 week Pullets $18.00Black Sex LinksBarred RockBlack Jersey GiantsAmericanas9 Week Chickens $16.00Red Sex Links . LARRY
FOOD-GRADE Barrels, containers, buckets, and tank totesAll of the drums and barrels have been professionally cleaned The buckets have a factory hot water rinse only, and will need a final sanitizing. We only sell food grade containers that were used one-time for shipping food products.Some exles of our productsPlastic Red and White 30 gal. drums with AIR-TIGHT screw-on lids $25ea retail.Plastic...
Five 48X96X14 and One 46X96X14 New, unused sheets of cedar lattice. Over purchased Must take all...Local Delivery considered.......