These have been our cabinet for a while, but I d rather give them to someone instead of just throwing them out. 10 breathe right strips and 1 Vicks refill.
Free with $10 or more purchase on cosmetics Wet n wild eyeshadow palette Just used once Crushed by moving
Mini nail polish lot either never been used or very slightly used
These were in a bag of free tampons I picked up for my daughter - don t need these 6 in box Quick pick up Free James Bay
Given by my MIL for christmas but I like more natural stuff so giving away to someone who will enjoy it. New never opened. And hey because it s free it doesn t mean I like to waste my time Please leave a message with a date and time for pick up in a 24hr time window. If not i ll move on to next in line! Pickup in Rockland.
Used once, lost the plastic insert that covers the eyelashes but they're still in great usable condition. Doesn't include glue.
Hardly used toothpaste, but slightly-worn package due to it being a favourite 'toy' for our little one. Would rather someone use it than toss it in the garbage!
Assortment of Always pads, Kotex pads (packages mostly tucked inside the Depends box), and OB tampons. Also half a box of Depends Silhouette bought post-partum. All open boxes but individually wrapped items remain completely intact. I have moved away from disposable products but know someone could use these. Take everything and pass along anything you don't want. Pickup location off Keating X Rd.
Looking for the shades Topaz flash Gleam girl Willing to pay the same price as what they are worth brand new
New body shop body butter Mac blush Bobbi Brown liquid eyeliner Dior lash primer Tarte gloss Quench hydrating primer
These were great for keeping the casts clean and much softer for sleeping than having the cast rub on his skin. All have been washed. Made from new men s socks. I feel bad throwing hem out, so if someone can use, that s great!
Some bottles are full others are half full. Must take all. Big tub of hair gel included.
Blow up pad with handles, pump, Foam wedges, drainage bag, extension tubing, leg straps, absorbable sheets, skin prep cloths