23-May-2018Vancouver, WA(18 miles)Items Wanted
I need a VGA connecting working computer monitor please. If you've upgraded, please help! Thanks so much!
23-May-2018Vancouver, WA(18 miles)Items Wanted
Hello! I am a grad student at the UW and will be doing an internship in Stevenson over the summer. The summer sublet I will be living in does not have a bed. I was wondering if anyone had any lightly used beds they do not need anymore. I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks! Kim
23-May-2018Vancouver, WA(18 miles)Items Wanted
I am in need a your unwanted cat beds for my growing feral family. Any unwanted cat food would help also. Thank You.
23-May-2018Vancouver, WA(18 miles)Items Wanted
In need of outdoor trampoline. 10 to 14 feet across. Torn cover OK. Building a chicken pen. Thanks!
23-May-2018Vancouver, WA(18 miles)Items Wanted
retired and want to fish but limited funds. Would like a motor that runs.
23-May-2018Portland, OR(16 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for four, 4 foot clean wood pallets. Hoping for ones with slats close together.
22-May-2018Vancouver, WA(18 miles)Items Wanted
If anyone has a medium to large fountain pump your not using,please email me Thanks
22-May-2018Vancouver, WA(18 miles)Items Wanted
we have just taken someone in to live with us, and thought it would be nice they have something to watch other than my husbands westerns. Thanks
21-May-2018Vancouver, WA(18 miles)Items Wanted
looking for a small working freezer thank you
20-May-2018Vancouver, WA(18 miles)Items Wanted
I'm looking for a good working VCR,if anyone has a spare one, please let me know. Thank you
19-May-2018Vancouver, WA(18 miles)Items Wanted
Teenager in need of summer clothes.
19-May-2018Oregon City, OR(13 miles)Items Wanted
I need two bikes for my kiddos. We just donated three to FB4K and now need to replace them. One is for a 12 yo boy and the other is for a 10 yo girl. We are bike repair illiterate so something already in working order would be great. Thanks.
19-May-2018Portland, OR(16 miles)Items Wanted
Phone is for victim of a violent crime. Hers was destroyed by hoodlums.
19-May-2018Portland, OR(16 miles)Items Wanted
We are moving soon and need boxes. Thank you.
19-May-2018Portland, OR(16 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for a garden hose caddy.
19-May-2018Portland, OR(16 miles)Items Wanted
A lady I know desperately needs help. She is 9 weeks pregnant and has a 4 yr old son. She abandoned everything except her son and what she could fit in a small backpack. She ran to safety..she is victim and survivor of very brutal domestic violence. She is staying with me and my sister right now but she has a place to go next week. But she has no furniture at all. I will gladly pick up all dona...
18-May-2018Portland, OR(16 miles)Items Wanted
I need about 100 red bricks without holes. I could pick up today through Monday noon.
18-May-2018Portland, OR(16 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for a cargo roof rack for summer adventures :)
Small motorhome needed for business use. Needs to be sound mechanical condition to use for portable office.
18-May-2018Portland, OR(16 miles)Items Wanted
Hi! Maybe you've upgraded your lawnmower. Aybe from a cordes type to a battery operated one. Or maybe from one battery operated one to another. If you have a working electric mower you're no longer using and willing to part ways with, please let me know. :). Thanks!
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