days agoEugene, OR+109 milesItems Wanted
I want to re-do a couple of strawberry pots with a length of PVC going down the center for watering. I could use one or two lengths of pipe: anything 1-1.5 diameter pipe and 2-2.5 feet long. I can cut as needed but seems likely to be leftover from someone s real plumbing project.
days agoVictoria, BC+211 milesItems Wanted
I have a project and I want magnets. Have any lying around, loose or in hard drives? Thanks.
days agoSeattle, WA+144 milesItems Wanted
looking to get a bargain for the tanks so that I can refill several tanks for my soda stream at a time. THANKS
days agoSeattle, WA+144 milesItems Wanted
I'm looking for a BBQ grill that still works and is in condition. I am trying to find one that has minimal damage. So if anyone has one they don't need any more that's in good condition I will gladly take it off your hands please send some pictures to 2067349557 I would like to know what it looks like before I were to take it off your hands. Thanks Cassandra
days agoPortland, OR+17 milesItems Wanted
Hi, need a working fax or multifunction printer. I know fax is an obsolete technology but some entities still (though rarely) require one to use it. Thank you.
days agoOlympia, WA+110 milesItems Wanted
My dogs are getting too old to use steps to get up on their/our beds. Looking for a "ramp" and hoping that might be easier. They are small. Thanks, Karen
days agoSeattle, WA+144 milesItems Wanted
wanted scrap ~1/8" thick clear plastic sheet 24" x 30" or there about, that I can use to fashion a temporary automobile side window.
days agoVancouver, WA+18 milesItems Wanted
Hi, if anybody has a number of empty pill bottles (at least a dozen) from prescriptions or over-the-counter pills, I am looking for some for a craft project. They need to be about as long as a woman's palm-width (like a small handle), so tiny ones are not useful, but standard-sized ones are fine. Please let me know how many you have and I'd be happy to upcycle them for you! (It's okay if they a...
days agoEnumclaw, WA+121 milesItems Wanted
I am looking for free DIY books, Text Books, or any books teaching on a subject, like tiling, painting, roofing, cooking, etc. Much appreciated.
Looking For a Sled Hauled?? Anyone coming from the Eastern US to the Racers ReUnion in Idaho July 19-21 . Need a Sled Hauled Thanks Vintage Sleds
days agoVancouver, WA+18 milesItems Wanted
Hi everyone! We are moving soon and need a lot of boxes and supplies. I will gladly take these off your hands! Thank you!
days agoPortland, OR+17 milesItems Wanted
Luggage for travel needed, prefer sturdy with wheels. Thxs
days agoSeattle, WA+144 milesItems Wanted
Will travel to you! I need a full sized box spring for my mattress.
days agoRoseburg, OR+168 milesItems Wanted
I'm looking for 35mm slide boxes. The lids are about 2 1/2 inches by 2 1/4 inches and clear on top of the white boxes.